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rhythmandtone's podcast

Hosted by Alisha Laflamme, an Austin musician and the daughter of renowned rock violist David Laflamme from Its A Beautiful Day band. Alisha delivers a RAW~REAL~EXPOSED Podcast in a live style format focusing on in-depth stories, creative processes and original songs from local bands. Join the exclusive community and get behind the curtain peaks, full length videos, unseen pics and more at patreon/rhythmandtone Donate at PayPal or Venmo@alisha-laflamme Thanks


Alisha Laflamme, a long time singer-songwriter, is the Host and Producer of Rhythm and Tone podcast. It is recorded in Cedar Park Texas on My Studio Stage. The show features all types of Creators and offers an in-depth look into their past and present, sharing what they are currently working on in the Texas artists community. Please visit if you are interested in being part of RAT's exclusive community. Your support is very much appreciated.